The Swiss Army Knife of Your Tack Trunk

I am a huge fan of using essential oils with my horses.  From skin and hoof funk, to shooing away pesky buggers, essential oils are my go-to both in the barn and in the house.  Over the course of the next several weeks, I will be highlighting my favorite oils and how I use them on the farm.

Disclaimer:  Please note that although I have found amazing success with these little bottles of miracle juice, they are not a replacement for proper care/ medical treatment.  If you are concerned about the health of your horse, goat, dog, cat, kid, etc.  be sure to seek out the opinion of your doctor or vet… not some random blogger.  Also, do your homework before using oils with your family or animals.  Some oils that claim to be pure actually contain synthetic chemicals that can be toxic.  I only use Young Living oils.  With their Seed to Seal Promise, I know that the oils I use won’t contain any harmful synthetic chemicals and will have the therapeutic properties I am looking for.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

Let’s Talk Lavender!

Lavender is the Swiss army knife of the essential oil world. It can do just about anything…it even comes with an adorable pair of scissors.  Okay, I made that last part up- but seriously, this stuff rocks!  The only problem is, lavender is one of the most adulterated oils on the market today.  So when you walk into some high priced lotion store and buy some lavender and cream, chances are you are buying chemicals that are engineered to mimic the smell of lavender.  Ick!  Very few lavender oils on the market are actually safe to use on your animals!  So, be careful and do your homework before you buy!!    Again, Young Living has an amazing, industry leading purity standard so I feel 100% comfortable using their oils on my animals, but please please please do what you find comfortable.

According to The Animal Desk Reference: Essential Oils for Animals by Melissa Shelton, DVM,

“Lavender is incredibly mild and well suited for use in all species of animal.  It has been used extensively in even the most fragile of creatures.  Lavender is especially indicated for skin conditions, ringworm, and other fungal skin infections, for muscular concerns, for calming effects, for burns and frostbite, and high blood pressure.”  


For Your Horse:

Skin Sensitivities: Apply lavender to help soothe skin irritations. Supports skin’s natural healing response.

Mane & Tail: Rub a few drops of lavender to the root of your horse’s mane and tail to encourage healthy hair growth.

Stress: Allow your horse to sniff lavender from the bottle, rub lavender on your horse’s poll & forehead to ease tension and promote relaxation.

Body Wash: Add a few drops to epsom salts and dissolve in a bucket. Use this to rinse your horse after exercise.

Horse Spray: Deters summer annoyances, promotes relaxation, soothes irritated skin.


For Yourself:

Sleep: Diffuse and rub on feet and pillow to help promote relaxation and normal sleep.

Seasonal Support: Diffuse or apply topically to help provide relief from occasional sniffles.

Skin: Mix with coconut oil to help soothe occasional skin irritation due to weather or activity.

Stress: Diffuse to help relax muscles and ease tension.

Lashes & Hair: Add to mascara and conditioner or shampoo to help promote healthy hair growth.

Bath: Add a few drops to a cup of Epsom salts to help relax and unwind.

Laundry: Place a few drops on a damp cloth and toss into the dryer to freshen your laundry.

Chapped Lips: Rub a drop with some carrier oil on chapped or sun exposed lips.

*I make my own eye makeup remover wipes with cotton pads, fractionated coconut oil and lavender. They even work on waterproof mascara!!

What is your favorite use for lavender?  Leave your answer in the comments!


Shelton, M. The Animal Desk Reference: Essential Oils for Animals. (2012).


2 Replies to “The Swiss Army Knife of Your Tack Trunk”


February 7, 2018 at 5:26 pm

So have you had luck in deterring bugs (mosquitoes, ticks, etc) with lavender? My horse gets hives once the bugs come out and has had Lyme disease twice. I’m interested in your experience with any bug repelling properties of this oil?
I’m using you could use it on hives as well?



    February 13, 2018 at 10:16 am

    Lavender is incredibly versatile for helping with all skin issues- horses and humans alike! I have found natural sprays as effective, if not more so, than commercial sprays. An added bonus is that I can use them on myself, my kids,and my dog too without worrying about toxic chemicals!


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