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Pain in your Pony? Try Copaiba for your Connemara

I am a huge fan of using essential oils with my horses.  From skin and hoof funk, to shooing away pesky buggers, essential oils are my go-to both in the barn and in the house.  Over the course of the next several weeks, I will be highlighting my favorite oils and how I use them on the farm.  Today we will be exploring the extremely versatile Copaiba oil!

Disclaimer:  Please note that although I have found amazing success with these little bottles of miracle juice, they are not a replacement for proper care/ medical treatment.  If you are concerned about the health of your horse, goat, dog, cat, kid, etc.  be sure to seek out the opinion of your doctor or vet… not some random blogger.  Also, do your homework before using oils with your family or animals.  Some oils that claim to be pure actually contain synthetic chemicals that can be toxic.  I only use Young Living oils.  With their Seed to Seal Promise, I know that the oils I use won’t contain any harmful synthetic chemicals and will have the therapeutic properties I am looking for.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way…

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Copaiba Oil (pronounced “co­-pah-­EE-­buh “… you just said it our loud, didn’t you?) is a product of steam distilling the gum resin from the Brazilian Copaifera reticulata tree and has long been used by natives for it’s many medicinal properties.  With high levels of beta-caryophyllene, the same compound that gives cannabis oil it’s therapeutic properties, Copaiba can be safely used to support wellness for both your horse and your family.

As a Magnifier: When combined with the use of other essential oils, Copaiba has been shown to increase the therapeutic effect of other oils.  

As a Digestive Aid:  Copaiba oil that is labeled specifically for ingestion such as Young Living’s Vitality line of oils, can be added to your horse’s grain as a supplement to support digestion or used to alleviate occasional irregularity. Copaiba can also helpful when combined with Peppermint and Digize during times of gastric distress.  Of course, in any kind of emergency situation, call your vet immediately.

To Restore and Sooth Muscles:  Copaiba can be applied topically to help sooth overworked muscles.  Either apply directly to the area in need or add to an epsom salt rin

se (for your horse) or bath (for yourself).

Skin Healing:  Copaiba supports the skin’s natural healing response and can be applied topically to aid in healing of minor cuts and abrasions or can be used as part of a daily regimen to promote healthy skin.  This is great for those of us in the over-forty crowd who are fighting tooth and nail to keep our youthful glow.

Immunity Support: Copaiba has been shown to support the immune system and can be used as a daily preventative to ward off season discomfort.

Kidney Support: Copaiba can be used to help support healthy kidney function and occasional irritation of the urinary track.  Again, consult with a medical professional if you suspect any concerns.   

Anti-Inflamatory:  Copaiba has been show to have anti-inflammatory properties.  This characteristic makes it an ideal addition in the treatment of a number of issues to encourage healing and minimize discomfort. 

Copaiba is one of the most effective and versatile essential oils to keep in your tack box or horsey first aid kit.  Adding essential oils to your wellness regime is a great way to keep your equine friends healthy and happy!

Want to learn more about using essential oils to promote health and wellness with your horse?  Check out our free online Animals and Oils class on Facebook! 




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