I make bad choices.

I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who makes bad choices though, so let’s play a game.  Write in the comments which of the following you have done:

  1. Used vet wrap on yourself or your children for an injury and worn it out in public (of course…this is pretty standard practice with every horse person, right?)
  2. Sprayed your horse’s fly spray on your pony and then yourself, despite very clear warning labels (not safe for humans? hmmm…maybe I shouldn’t. Just this one time won’t hurt.)
  3. Used an oral horse sedative on your horse without wearing the recommended plastic gloves, and then became convinced that you must have gotten some on your skin and are feeling loopy (is anyone else feeling sleepy?)
  4. Gotten a horrendous case of poison ivy that weeps so much you can barely wear clothing, so you reach for the Wonderdust (or some other horse product) in the hope that it will dry your blisters out (Don’t do it! It won’t work and you will be covered in a weird black crust for weeks)

I get a 4 out of 4- how about you?

Well, sometimes I make good choices too.  I have recently been doing a ton of reading on the toxins that are lurking in our households.  If I make a bad choice (the Wonderdust debacle was epic) knowing that I am not using a product in it’s intended way and completely disregarding all warnings, then the health consequences fall squarely on my shoulders.  However, if I am using a cleaner, beauty product, or product for the barn that leads me to believe that I am promoting the health of my family, or the well-being of my animals, I would not expect for it to contain known carcinogens, endocrine distributors, or harmful chemical compounds.   Shockingly, this is exactly what many of these products do contain.  Have you seen the “Think Dirty” app?  What an eye opener!  This app rates a product’s safety and lists all of the benign, iffy, and super icky ingredients along with a description of each ingredient.   Though the “Think Dirty” database didn’t contain every product in my household, I learned which ingredients to avoid.  I ended up throwing out almost all of my cleaning products, all of our hand soap, and am in the process of switching over to all natural beauty products.  In my adventures, I have found an amazing cleaning product that fits the bill for literally every job in my house and in my barn.  Young Living’s Thieves Cleaner is the bomb-diggity (my kids hate it when I use that phrase).  Made with essential oils, Thieves Cleaner is safe for two-legged and four-legged animals, smells amazing, and works like a charm!  What’s not to love?

I first discovered Thieves Cleaner not for cleaning the house, but as a result of an on-going hoof funk that George, one of my boarders, had been struggling with.  I had been talking about it to a friend and she sent me a little bottle of thieves cleaner to try on George’s hoof.  Sure enough, within a week, his hoof looked (and smelled) significantly better!  I had been working with both the vet and farrier on that darn hoof for almost a year, and this little miracle bottle took care of it!  After that shining success, I was ready to be the Thieves poster child (can a middle aged woman be a poster child?).  It didn’t take much convincing for me to get a Young Living wholesale membership.  I  received an essential oils starter kit, bought my very own bottle of Thieves Cleaner, and began a research campaign that would make a doctoral student dizzy.  I had to find out how and why essential oils work and, more importantly, why I hadn’t known about them before! My research led me to discover that the use of essential oils dates back thousands of years and oils are proven to be extremely effective in supporting health and wellness for both humans and animals.  Rather than keep all that I have learned to myself, I will be sharing how to use essential oils for horses and humans alike on this blog in the future, so feel free to reach out if there is something specific you’d like to know about.

To make a short story long, now essential oils have become a staple in both our house and barn, and are our go-to for just about everything.  In fact, just this evening my husband commented as I was plunging our clogged toilet, “Is there an oil to fix that?”


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January 11, 2018 at 12:12 pm

2/4 I’m completely guilty of the fly spray and vet wrap misuses!


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