Be an Askhole. Please.

Urban Dictionary defines and askhole as, “A person who constantly asks for your advice, yet ALWAYS does the complete opposite of what you told them to do”.

“Oh my God, Rich is such a total askhole!!! He always asks me what he should do about this or that and I give him my opinion, BUT he just NEVER listens to my advice. Rich just goes ahead and does what he wants to do in the first place. I don’t know why I bother. “

My picture should be posted next to this definition… for real.  I am notorious with my friends and family for asking for advise and then doing what I want to do.  Is that a bad thing?  The definition above alludes to this quality as negative, however, my fellow askholes and I beg to differ.

Whether it is advice about my family, horses, or business, I like to research.  Part of my research process includes asking people I trust and respect for their opinion.  I then weigh their suggestions with all of the other info that I have gathered, and make a decision based on what I have learned, my long-term goals, and what I think is best for me.

Some folks automatically assume that if you ask their opinion, you are going to blindly follow their advice.  They may even getting offended when you don’t take their advice.  You, my friend, are not a lemming.  You are more than capable of making your own decisions.  You should never-ever be blindly following someone else’s ideas of how your life should look.  Ask, gather data, plan, scheme, synthesize info and make your own path!

How does this apply to Hippie Horsekeeping?  Believe it or not, this is not a random rant- well, maybe it’s a rant, but it’s not random.  There is no shortage of opinions in the horse world and some folks will insist that their ideas are the only ones that work.  Some folks will try to bully and intimidate you into following their plans for your life.  Even if 99 out of 100 horse owners do something a certain way, if that way doesn’t work for you, don’t do it.

In this blog, I will be sharing my thoughts, ideas, and suggestions for you to consider.  You could decide that I am some kind of barn wizard and everything I say and do fits perfectly with your life- great!  You may find that everything I say is a load of bunk and doesn’t work for you- great!  Either way, I am happy that you have taken the time to read my humble ramblings and may find a nugget to help you make awesome choices for your horses.

That being said, what would you like to hear about?  Ask my opinion, give me a research topic, or share something that you have learned with other readers in the comments.  Let’s build a community of curious, thoughtful, beautiful, horse-loving askholes!

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