About Me

I’m a riding instructor, farm owner, head stall mucker, and horse fanatic!  My passion for all things horse related was fully realized when I brought home my very first horse at the tender age of 32.  Since then, I have reverted to my horse crazy 10 year old self and eat, sleep, and breathe horses.  In fact, my husband says that my personal motto should be, “All Horses, All the Time.”  It has a nice ring to it, right?

All of the years of pent-up horse love created the crazed horse lover that I am today.  Officially beginning my equine adventure as an adult has given me a special brand of neurosis that is common in mothers and is magnified in horse owners.  Most of my furry friends have come from rescue situations and have unfortunately already seen the dark side of humans. It only seems fair to these beautiful souls that I ensure that the rest of their lives are happy and healthy.  My goal is to provide my herd with the most natural and comfy life possible while ensuring that they are still productive members of society.  I am constantly exploring and learning about new techniques in natural horsekeeping and am excited to share my enthusiasm with you!


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